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5 Best 4K Drone Camera 2019 Top Pick

Are you searching for the best 4k drone camera with the maximum capability of covering and exciting features? Then here in this article, you will find the best five products of 4k drone camera along with their basic features. However, having a 4k drone camera is a necessary thing a person should have, especially those vloggers and photographers who want to cover the entire area with a 4k drone camera.
We know how difficult it would be to select the one basic 4k drone camera among thousands of different brands and varieties. That’s why we gathered the top five products for you in which you will select the best one for yourself and enjoy the time of recording ahead.

Do you know you can record aerial videos and photography with the help of 4k drone camera? Yes, having a drone camera is like a diamond in your hand, you can record entire brilliant set up with just one drone while controlling the feature with its remote control. This is a fun time for you to get amazed with the results and as well as to make your documentary at the same time.
However, there are many types of drone cameras available at the market, but 4k drone camera is the thing which spreading like fire into the drone’s category. These 4k drones equipped with qualities like ultra-high definition video cameras that are built inside the drone camera to provide you with
spectacular videos.

Furthermore, all of the 4k drone cameras have come with the advanced feature like precision stabilization and autonomous flight modes, that will further help you to keep the balance of the video and prevent it from shaking effects and blurriness. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin the review section below of the best 4k drone camera with the fastest capabilities and advanced features.

Best 4k Drone Camera

Here we are showing you the best 4k drone camera with ultimate features and quality by which you can easily select the one for yourself. The five products of the best 4k drones are given below…

1.DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quad-copter 4K UHD Video Camera

This could be the best choice for you according to the 4k drone camera price range. However, the price is affordable and give you them perfect features of 4k UHD video recording along with its fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal. Also comes with the Vision Positioning system that will further allow you to experience the stable flight indoors.

DJI Phantom 3
DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom is the best 4k drone camera which gives you the possibilities to record your shooting on its 4K mode video while getting at up to 30 frames per second. And of course, experience to further capturing photos with its 12-megapixel sensor that shows you the results with crisper and sharper than ever.

Basic Features:

Video Quality: Experience the video shooting with 4k video recording mode up to 30 frames per second. Brilliant videos and sharp results are the qualities of this drone.

Live HD View: make a connection with your tablet or phone, and get a 720p HD view of anything the drone’s camera sees while you fly is aired live.

 Complete Control: Keep your Phantom 4k drone camera fully under your precise control while being able to access the most-used features directly on the remote controller.

 Safety For First Time Users: A unique Beginner Mode is here inside the drone to further provide sufficient help to those beginners and allow them to learn how to fly in a limited area, safely.

 Powerful Mobile App: Complete power and every control are in your hand now. Just control the drone and change settings of your flight, directly all from the devices.

 Vision Positioning: Fly indoors, and experience the flights on low to the ground, and as well as enjoy the feature of it’s in GPS-free areas just with the help of this Vision Positioning technology.


 Live HD view
 Precise control
 Easy to use
 Beginners built-in help mode


 The controller is not good in quality.

2.VOOCO X-Star Premium Drone with 4K Camera, 1.2-Mile HD Live
View & Hard Case (Orange)

We love this orange color 4k drone camera which comes with a variety of features and amazing video quality. You can record 4k videos without any worries of battery low, as this drone will provide you with the battery period of 25 minutes flying time on a single charge.

VOOCO X-Star Premium
VOOCO X-Star Premium

Control the drone camera with perfectly and enjoy every aspect of it. You can record anything you want without any issue or losing control. Just enjoy your time of recording and make your documentaries ahead.

Basic Features:

 Video Quality: Take video at 4K30, 1080p120, 2.7K60, or 720p240, with a 4K Ultra HD drone camera that also has 108-degree FOV as well as it is mounted over a 3-axis gimbal which further prevents undesired camera movements and offers you with stable and smooth videos.

 Photo Sensor: It will offer you with its 12MP photo sensor feature by which you can take outstanding pictures with crystal clear results.

 Remote Control: Clamp your tablet or your smart-phone securely in the exact place on the controller to experience the enjoyment level of the camera’s HD live view.

 Integrated LCD Screen: Check every detail and flight information on the given integrated LCD screen on the remote control to make your operations easier.

 Battery Time: With the help of its 14.8V LiPo battery which will provide you to enjoy your flights for up to 25 minutes of flight time and of course, 1.5-hour worry-free mode of charging with the fast charger capabilities.


 LCD screen
 Smartphone and tablet accessible
 Powerful features
 East to control
 Fast charging time.


 The battery drains too fast

3.Power Vision PowerRay Wizard Underwater 4K UHD ROV with
FPV Headset for Real-Time Viewing, Streaming & Recording

This is the best 4k drone camera for you which has the best qualities ever including it is a waterproof camera which means you can easily record 4k videos underwater which is great for Fishing, mapping,Exploring, Treasure Hunting, making any film projects, or Studying Marine Life.

Power Vision PowerRay
Power Vision PowerRay

Power Vision PowerRay is a drone with a 4k camera that offers you 1080p Real-Time Streaming- 98′ Depth Rating, 4K UHD Video, 210′ Tether. You can easily be able to see and record the beautiful underwater life with this 4k drone camera while relaxing in your Boat.

Basic Features:

 Waterproof: The drone is a waterproof 4k drone camera which allows you to record HD videos underwater perfectly without any blurring effects.
 Video Quality: It will offer you to get amazed with the 4K UHD Video, 1080p Real-Time Streaming, your videos will be coming out exceptionally outstanding.
 Photos Feature: This 4k drone camera will provide you with the 12MP photos sensor so that you can get the best and clear pictures as well.
 Burst Mode: Also give you 5ps burst mode to further enjoy the time of your droning with the ultimate way of bursting mode.
 Battery Time: The drone will offer you 2 hours of a working period on a complete charging. That means you can enjoy your filming moments for about a whole 2 hours.


 Waterproof drone
 2 hours of battery time
 HD quality 4k video
 12MP photos sensor
 Burst mode


 It is difficult to hold and control.

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter Drone RTF with CGO3
Camera, ST10+ & Steady Grip

This is the best 4k drone camera that will be your Personal Ground Station which also comes with a built-in feature of a touchscreen and as well as integrated 3-axis accuracy gimbal camera. You will love to record your videos and capture pictures with this super easy to use 4k drone camera.

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon
Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon

However, the specialty about this 4k drone camera is that it will allow you to experience with the 4K/30fps ultra high definition of videos, and of course, you will experience the 1080p/120fps slow-motion video feature for best and interesting videos. It also comes with the user-controlled video
resolution, light exposure, and white balance, so that your videos always coming out as a perfect one.

Basic Features:

 Video Quality: You will experience the video quality of this drone with 4K/30fps ultra high definition of videos along with 1080p/120fps slow motion videos.
 Built-in Touchscreen: It also has a touchscreen od 4.5 inches in size which make things easier for you to record and see the clips perfectly and more conveniently.
 User Control: With its user-controlled feature, you will experience the HD video resolution, you can able to control light exposure along with the white balance of the videos.
 Photos Sensor: This 4k drone camera will offer you with its 12MP photos sensor option without any distortion of the lens.
 QuadCore Camera: It is designed with the look of quad-core 4k drone camera that gives you solid vibes and results will always be outstanding.
 Battery Time: With a complete charge, it will offer you 25 minutes of flying time.


 Built-in touchscreen
 User control specs
 Quadcore style drone
 Easy to operate


 The manufacturing quality is not satisfying.

PowerVision PowerEgg Drone with 360 Panoramic 4K HD Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal

With this revolutionary design and that will also offer you with the amazing features like rich and intuitive with a different egg-shaped style will surely maximize your entertainment level ahead. You will feel the difference of using this 4k drone camera while performing the best of it.

PowerVision PowerEgg Drone
PowerVision PowerEgg Drone

Stay focused on the drone stability remote control power that will provide you a solid control and easy to use functions which can be very useful even for the beginners.

Basic Features:

 Unique Design: Made with a unique kind of egg looking shape that will offer you an extreme way of video recording and photos capturing effects as well.
 Video Quality: It will provide you with different modes of videos recording including 4K UHD camera against a 3-axis gimbal that will capture stabilized, and smooth aerial views.

 Available Video Modes: Available video modes are to be included: 4K at30fps,1080p@120fps/60Fps/30Fps, 720p@240fps.

 Great Coverage: This drone camera will also offer you to travel the entire scenario from a distance just with the help of its real-time HD video transmission that can offer you to go off up to approximately 3. 1 miles.


 Best for everyone
 Unique design
 Easy to control features
 Amazing video quality
 Various video modes


 The activation process is difficult and takes much time.

Buyer Guide

What Is The Purpose Of Drones?

Drones are a type of uncrewed aerial vehicles. However, you may find different types of drones from the categories of toy to the professional ones. Though, drones have made with special kind of features to give the record an entire aerial view for you so that you can show up to everyone out there.

Drones usually made with a quadcopter style in which you will get four propellers attached at the drone’s corners of frame shape of square H or X-shaped. The drones with quadcopters style are very stable in use and offer you smooth maneuverability. The purpose of having a drone would depend on your needs, for example, people used it for making documentaries, for getting a whole aerial view, and much more.

Types Of Drones:

There are some different types of drones available at the market by which you will get the best one according to your needs and requirements.

 Beginner Drones: these kinds of drones are affordable in price and suitable for beginners. They have come with shorter ranges and as well as shorter flight times. The beginners’ drones are very easy to operate and have built with durable qualities so that beginners can be easily able to
flight and prevent from minor crashes. However, you can easily buy the spare parts of beginner drones as well.

 Hobby Drones: They have come with the combination of durable and affordable. But, they have built with the advanced features that targeted the users with the extra experience of flying drones. These drones have built with more specialized and the latest feature of cameras, they can cover longer ranges, and as well as could be ideal to start the basic starter quad.

 Camera / Professional Drones: Now they have come with the limit of expensive range and advanced features to provide you with some incredible footage and as well as photos with crystal-clear results. This type of drone has equipped with the amount of higher quality cameras and frequently use GPS tracking as well, that will further allow you for a better feature of
“return home” and of course, make it easier for you to find the drone at the time of loss.

 Racing Drones: These types of drones have built with the speed technology. They are the most advanced drones ever which can give you the option to cover the range with the speed of up to 70MPH or even 100 MPH in a pitch.

Features To Be Consider To Get The Best 4k Drone Camera

So, you need to get the best drone camera with the ultimate package of features, right? Then go ahead and read the below details to find the best one for yourself.
 Check the flight time and battery:
At first, you need to check the flight time and battery power of the drone. This could be the most important feature to you to check the limit of time so that you can enjoy your flight operations without having worries of low battery issues. Thus, some drones are available with the flying time of 20 to 25 minutes on a single charge. However, they have called somewhat kind of professional drones, and of course, they are expensive.

However, beginner drones have come with a limit of 5 to 10minutes on a single charge, and they are less expensive. So, choose the one which going to be suitable for you and your pocket as well.
 Find out covering range:
It is yet another important factor which never be ignored at any cost. Having a good drone with range can be essential for you, depending on the use of your drone. You may find drones with the ranges that go from the limit of 55 to 110 yards for those beginner drones, and as well as up to 3 miles availability in the most advanced types of drones.

If you want to use your drone for racing capabilities or to get high-quality videos, then it is necessary for you to choose the one with a long range. However, it is important for you to get a 4k drone camera with a long-range coverage option so that you don’t need to closure to the subject or vie again and again,record it while standing at your point.

 The camera feature is important too:

Cameras come with normally every type of drone. However, some will give you the option of installation, so if you want a drone which gives you high-quality results, blur-free, shake-free, and no breaking image, then it is better to choose a 4k drone camera.

You will easily get the best results ever with this type of drone camera, as it comes with the ability of photos sensor so that you can also click some pictures along with your videos. Although, the higher quality cameras have come with the expensive drones and if you want to get the brilliant results, then increase your budget and buy the 4k drone camera.

 Headless mode should be checked properly:

The headless mode could be an important feature for you that will further make the things easier for you to pilot your drone comfortably without any ups and downs. Choose the best drone with headless mode so that you can conveniently fly it without any issue or problems.

 Check out the gimbal:

Gimbals are here to further prevent your footage from signifying all wobbly. As your drone change its direction and will give you the experience of tilting a lot without any gimbal. Thus, Gimbals are
important to have in drones to produce brilliant and professional looking videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why is 4k drone camera different from traditional drones?

A. Because, the 4k drone camera will provide you with the feature to record HD videos always, even in the low light situations. No more blurriness and shaking effects, the 4k video mode will show you with the exact color contrast and sharpness.

2 Is it necessary to get a 4k drone camera with an LCD screen on the controller?

A. Well, it depends on your choice. However, the LCD screens controllers have come with a huge price range, and they are slightly bit good for professionals. Thus, if you are a beginner and want to fly a 4k drone camera, then you can choose the one with an LCD screen because it will give you an HD live viewability.

3 How much cost to get the best drone camera with 4k?
A. The average cost for a drone in the category of a toy will cost you around $20 to $250. However, the professional 4k drone cameras are starting from the range of $300 and go up to the limit of $1,000. It all depends on your budget and price range, 4k drones have come with the expensive limit of the price range, so choose wisely.


That’s the end of our reviews now…

We hope you like the reviews of the best 4k drone camera. These drones are designed for the professionals, and of course, beginners can also use them just after proper training classes or a proper guide.
Choosing the best 4k drone camera could be difficult for you, especially if you are new into this field. That’s why we have shown you a buying guide as well to solve out your doubts and make your confusions away.

So, if you want to know anything about the products or discuss your experience then do let us know in the comment section below.

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