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Best Portable Air Cooler 2019 Top Pick

As the summertime is getting closure the investment in central air conditioners is way too expensive,here is the solution for you which is cost effective and offer you with the chilling, cooling air which can cover your entire house perfectly.

Portable Air Cooler
Portable Air Cooler

In this article, you will get to know the about the best portable air cooler system which will provide you with the best cooling coverage and overall low electricity cost, while they are affordable in price as well. The portable air cooler would be the most convenient option for you to have in your house without any worry about high electricity bills and investing issues.

They are built with features like smooth wheels so that you can easily move them around the house from one place to another. These portable air coolers are so easy to operate and can provide you with a variety of different modes and adjustable controlling as well.

You will surely love to use one of these below mention portable air coolers which are so useful for our daily life routine and comes under your budget as well, so you don’t need to invest on some high rated air conditioners when you have this compact size option to make your rooms fill with chilling waves.

People love these portable air coolers nowadays as the heat waves just hitting most of the cities in the world and the majority is not capable enough to buy some expensive wall mounted air conditioners. But why go for some expensive things when you can buy the most affordable and powerful gadget which can offer you the same effects as the wall mounted air conditioners will do.
So, let’s check out the amazing portable air cooler below and select the best one according to your requirements and needs.

BLACK + DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner, 8,000

This is the best choice for you related to manufacturing quality and price. This portable air cooler will make your room into a chilling cucumber; you can easily keep the cooler into your house, kids room,bedroom, garage, or even though, in your dorm to turn out the cooling waves and kick off those heating atmospheres.

This portable air cooler can provide you with the best and fast cooling effects within the area of approximately 100 – 150 square feet or 10 x 12 foot.

Always get the most pleasant and comfy feelings during the hot summer days when the sun exposure kicks your house with the pressure of heat. This Black + Decker portable air cooler is here which works in double hung or as well as sliding windows only, no more further crank windows.

It is made in a way to properly spread equal cooling waves throughout the area when its vertical motion generates a steady and strong airflow that gives you the moment of consistent temperature in your room.

However, you can choose the slide out filter easily while rinses it under a tap for a fresh and clean air feel. Also, you may notice some other features including four caster wheels that have built to provide you with easiness and smooth movement throughout the house.

You will surely love to have this compact design cooler in your house which is not just perfect for your kids’ room but as well as make them calm and chill during this terrible heat wave summer months.

Also, this portable air cooler has made with the top technology feature in which you will get simplicity and accuracy of programmable, which further offers you to control the cooler with the help of its digital easily LED display. And of course, you will get a 24 hour on/off timer along with its simple and easy to use sleep mode. It will also offer you with the built-in motor of 115 volts, 950 watts, and 60Hz.

With this 3 in 1 bucket less special and unique design, you will experience combines cooling, whereas its fan and the modes of dehumidification with a pure, quiet and silent operation. This is the best and affordable choice for you to chill out your room with some brilliant and fast cooling waves.

Quick features:

 COVERS LARGE AREA: it can easily cover the area of about 10*12 foot or 100-150 sq feet to give you some chilling vibes and pleasant environment.
 4 CASTER WHEELS: it has built with smooth and strong wheels so that you can move it easily around the house without any pressure.
 POWERFUL AIRFLOW: with the help of its vertical motion that will develop some kinds of strong and powerful airflow to distribute evenly throughout the room.
 DIGITAL LED DISPLAY: it has an LED display which further helps you to control the on and off timer, sleep mode, and adjust some setting easily.
 NO NOISE: with its bucket less combine cooling, you will experience no noise and sound while the cooler is operating or on.


 Easy to move
 Convenient wheels
 Powerful airflow
 Chilled like a cucumber
 LED display


 The interior polish is not good.

LG LP0817WSR 115V Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control in White for Rooms up to 150-Sq. Ft.

It doesn’t matter where you are, bring this portable air cooler in your place and enjoy some instant cooling vibes without any noise or distraction. This is the most powerful cooler ever which is compact in size and light in weight as well so that you can move it around the house without any issue.

Just enjoy some cooling time and beat the heat in this summer with this LG’s portable air cooler which is an ideal climate-control solution for you to keep the sun heat waves away from your room and you can spend some quality time in a peaceful environment.

However, with its sleek and unique contemporary design, you will find a good investment into this portable cooler which is built in a way to provide you with its free-standing portable unit system that will further blend in with your any room decor. And of course, don’t forget to notice its auto-swing air vent technology which is the remarkable feature of the product to offer you the perfect chilling conditions by just circulating the cool air with extra efficiently so you will never feel any heat again.

Furthermore, the portable air cooler is also built with the auto evaporation system which will allow you to experience the effect of continuous use and as well as stay tuned with the programmable 24-hour on/off timer, so that you can easily control the temperature and adjust the speed accordingly when you’re not even there at the room.

Also, the cooler will cover the area of about up to 150 sq. Ft. That means the cooler is suitable for your bedroom, kids room, garage, dorm, or even for some small apartments to get some quick chilling waves and beat the summer out of here.

Quick features:

 WASHABLE AIR FILTERS: that means you can save your money and maintenance things as because the air filters are washable enough.
 EASY ROLL CASTER WHEELS: the wheels are here to provide you with a convenient option of moving the cooler around the house, so next time when you are sitting in your garage, don’t forget to bring down the cooler with you.
 ELECTRICAL RATING: this portable air cooler will offer you with 115 volts, 60 Hz, and as well as 1,040 watts powerful motor system to enjoy every bit of it.
 DISPLAY LED PANEL: it will also offer you to get amazed with its LED display panel so that you can easily control the adjustments.
 LARGE FILL CAPACITY: it can easily cover your large rooms under 150 sq. Ft. So that you can experience the chilling time into this hot summer days.
 LON POWER CORD: this LG portable air cooler has come with a 6 feet long power cord so that you can easily manage to put the cooler inside the room, close to your sitting place.


 Best for small apartments
 Long power cord
 Two fan speed control
 Rotating auto swings
 Instant chilling waves


 It creates some creepy noises.


Do you know? You can save almost half amount of investment into the portable air cooler as compared to the air conditioners, and of course, air coolers are also very effective and give you instant chilling environment, while with the air conditioners, you have to wait for several minutes.

That’s why, this summer, transform your house with one of the above mention portable air cooler and feel the difference on your own.

You will find a huge reduction in your bills and investment process, and the best part is that these coolers have wheels, that means you can easily move them from one place to another without any difficulty or pressure.

So, if you already own the portable air cooler in your place, then don’t forget to share your reviews and experience with us in the comment section below…

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